Embroidery Designs

Embroidery design is the process of converting your ideas into embroidery design files (files used by embroidery machines can be performed on real products). The quality of the embroidery product depends on about 70 percent of the quality of the design file and 30 percent depends on the quality of the embroidery machine capable of carrying out the design file.

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The process of designing embroidery patterns of EMB.VN

included 7 steps

Step 1

Customers share ideas

Please send EMB.VN the design image (.png / .jpg / ...) - vector design file (.ai / .pts / .sketch / ...) - Any photo - Or maybe describe your ideas.

Step 2

EMB.VN support and send confirmation

EMB.VN will receive customers' ideas and exchange more information to exactly what customers want. Once agreed, EMB.VN will send the general information

General information included

- Detailed information on embroidery patterns

- Expected execution time

- Cost of designing embroidery patterns

- Payment information and Payment instructions

- Supporting information and other information

TAll customer related information is strictly confidential and is only used for guest support purposes

Step 3

EMB.VN does embroidery design

EMB.VN will design embroidery patterns for customers. EMB.VN's best embroidery designers will perform each step meticulously to ensure that the embroidery machine performs the best design.

Step 4

EMB.VN will test embroidery samples on embroidery machines

As a project of Anh Xuyen Computer Embroidery Factory, EMB.VN has complete right to use modern embroidery machine system. EMB.VN will use the embroidery file designed and run on real embroidery machines and produce samples with the correct colors.
EMB.VN will also send a photo of the actual sample to the customer to see to ensure that the design file is not defective.

Step 5

Edit the design to ensure the most accurate

Embroidery is not like printing, embroidery can only guarantee 95% similarity with customer's idea. However, EMB.VN will try to provide the best solutions to ensure your design looks its best in an embroidered format.

Step 6

EMB.VN will send design files to customers upon request

After customers agree and are satisfied. EMB.VN will send the embroidery sample file package to customers via email.

EMB.VN will also back up files for customers permanently

Support exporting any embroidery file format on demand

Secure embroidery pattern / not shared among customers

Step 7

Support / advice is always available

If you need assistance with any problem related to computerized embroidery. EMB.VN will always be on hand to provide support and advice.