Embroidery Designs

EMB helps you to turn your ideas / photos or vectors / designs into the best embroidery patterns. We will design a standard embroidery file package that can be used on the majority of the most popular industrial embroidery machines available today.

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Processing embroidery patterns

EMB and Anh Xuyen Computerized Embroidery will help to make custom embroidery files on real products. We will help you get the most beautiful, sharp and detailed embroidery products. With more than 8 years of experience in the field of embroidery, Anh Xuyen will directly process embroidery patterns.

Patch embroidery - sewing

EMB will help you to embroider patch logos / stickers with backside with (or without) high quality adhesive that you can iron or heat press on products. In addition, the edges will also be satin embroidered to make the patch more beautiful. EMB will cut the edge and pack in a lovely silver bag.

Embroidery consultant

EMB together with Anh Xuyen have been working for more than 7 years with clients not only in Vietnam but also with clients from Japan, Korea, Singapore, America and Europe. We also understand the needs of individual customers, businesses, factories, shops, local brand, etc.