EMB is a project developed by Co-Founder and Designer of Anh Xuyen Computerized Embroidery - Nguyen Huu Phong. During the construction and development of Anh Xuyen, Phong realized that the embroidery field in general and computerized embroidery in particular in Vietnam as well as in the world focused too much on enterprises, and it was difficult to reach younger customers. Because the current structure of the embroidery industry is a little complicated compared to other fields, most customers - especially young people of GenZ like Phong are difficult to learn about embroidery.

EMB is a short phrase for Embroidery. EMB is also inspired by the .emb file extension, the original file type used in embroidery design.

Because of that, as one of the people shaping the direction for Anh Xuyen, Phong decided to establish and build a project called EMB. This project will be consider as a creative studio not only for Anh Xuyen, but also helping many other areas in the embroidery industry. The best partners of Anh Xuyen also allowed to move jobs currently and participate in this project. EMB will bring embroidery related sub-products about designs, products, stories and related articles. Surely, everything will be created in a younger / modernity / personality way.

Embroidery is a great story, let us tell it to you.